Explore Melbourne’s top five leafy laneways

23 January 2019

We’re transforming some of Melbourne’s iconic laneways into lush green spaces for everyone to enjoy.

Greening projects are an important part of the work we do as a council to adapt to climate change and cool the city.

Here are five leafy laneways to explore.

1. Guildford Lane
Wander down this quirky laneway between Queen and Sutherland streets to spot greenery flourishing in pots and window boxes, and climbing up the buildings’ drain pipes. Stay a while at the cafes for cat and bicycle enthusiasts

2. Meyers Place
A striking green wall with 80 species of plants is the jewel of this laneway between Bourke and Little Collins streets. Pause to enjoy the contrast between vibrant greenery and the towering metallic skyline beyond

3. Coromandel Place
Stunning Boston ivy against historic red brick makes this laneway off Little Collins Street extra charming. Come back in autumn for striking colours as the leaves fall.

4. Katherine Place
This foodie precinct near Melbourne Aquarium has turned over a new leaf, now boasting street trees, gardens and lush greenery in planter boxes and pots.

5. Tattersalls Lane
A street art-lover’s paradise with wicking beds, worm farms and herb gardens, this laneway oozes urban cool. Find it between Little Bourke and Lonsdale streets.

To find out more, visit Greening Laneways, or check out our Green Our City Strategic Action Plan.

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