Takeover Melbourne amplifies young voices

A smiling person standing at a soccer pitch.

Hear stories from young people aged 12 to 18 that paint a vivid picture of life in Melbourne in 2020.

Takeover Melbourne showcases the resilience and talent of 31 young people, including disability advocates, budding geologists, musicians, sport fanatics and more.

Their stories traverse important topics, including overcoming internalised racism, finishing year 12 during COVID-19, rebuilding after the Black Saturday bushfires and growing up with Tourette’s syndrome.

This project is an initiative from the ABC in partnership with City of Melbourne, VicHealth, the Centre for Multicultural Youth, the Victorian Government and the local governments of greater Melbourne. It aims to put young people at the centre of conversations that shape their communities.

The 31 storytellers worked with the ABC to have their stories produced and broadcast locally and nationally on ABC TV, radio and online.

Essey from North Melbourne was one of the participants.

‘My mum moved to Australia from Ethiopia and sacrificed a lot to provide a better life for my sister and I. I now live in the North Melbourne Housing Estate and I am a musician,’ Essey said.

‘Living through COVID-19 has been crazy. It’s been hard not seeing my friends and I missed playing basketball outside. Sometimes it feels like a dream.

‘Music takes me to a safe place where I can be myself and escape from the pressures of life. I hope to one day be able to be successful and pave the way for kids like me, who love music in Australia.’

‘Being a part of Takeover Melbourne has been an amazing experience, it is so wonderful to meet such great people.

‘Projects like Takeover Melbourne give you an opportunity to put yourself out there and have your story heard, it gives you a platform to express yourself and show the media what makes you unique.’

Lord Mayor Sally Capp is an ambassador for Takeover Melbourne.

‘There’s never been a more important time for Melburnians to tell their stories and I want to acknowledge all the young people who have shone a light on the stories that matter to them,’ the Lord Mayor said.

‘Sharing these stories is a way to make even more meaningful connections and help bring us together.’

To hear more inspirational stories, visit the ABC Takeover Melbourne webpage.

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