Move your own way this spring to boost your wellbeing, connect with your community and meet new friends.

Councillor Beverley Pinder, Chair of the People City portfolio, said there’s always something going on in our parks and public spaces, from birdwatching to an earth-bound version of quidditch.

‘As a City of Wellbeing, we’re fortunate to have an abundance of green spaces where we can nurture mind, body and spirit, even if it’s just a short walk on our lunch break,’ Cr Pinder said.

‘There are also lots of passionate people out there coordinating joyful and creative ways for us to get fit and engage with our fellow Melburnians, so I encourage you to get outdoors and try something new.’

‘We’re fortunate to have an abundance of green spaces where we can nurture mind, body and spirit.’

Explore our world-class recreation facilities, wellness programs for city workers, local sporting groups and sporting permit information online.

Here are three surprising ways your neighbours get their exercise:

Fawkner Park, Buluk Park, Boyd Community Hub and Federation Square

‘Melbourne is the laughter capital of Australia. Nowhere else has so many clubs in one place. Half an hour of laughter can make so much difference if you are feeling tired from work, isolated, or a bit blue. You go along, you have a laugh and you think: this is a wonderful world. Everyone is welcome.’ Mahes Karuppian-Quillen

Two women laughing

There are 41 fun and free laughter clubs across Victoria

Flagstaff Gardens

‘Having a space right in the middle of the city and in a beautiful park attracts a huge amount of spectators. It’s a great space for getting more people involved and it’s more fun to play when people are watching and cheering. No matter how old you are, or how well you know bicycles, there is a team for you.’ Alice Lewis

A man carrying a bike

Bike polo welcomes people of all ages and experience
Photo: Wren Steiner

Western Oval, Royal Park‘I enjoy swordcraft because I get to escape reality for a couple of hours and run around in armour with some of my closest friends. There’s nothing quite like stepping onto an oval with 200 to 300 like-minded people dressed in their amazing costumes. Everyone is always welcoming to new people.’ Andrew Davidson
A man in a medieval costume

Swordcraft forges strong friendships between cosplay enthusiasts
Photo: The Professional Hobbyist

To find out more, visit Active Melbourne.

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