Cool Routes: smart tech seeks the shade

20 December 2019

Move through the city in comfort thanks to microclimate sensors, urban greening and the new Cool Routes tool, now under development.

These projects are just some of the ways we’re working to build our city’s resilience to climate change, and protect people, businesses and infrastructure as heat events become more frequent.

Our new microclimate sensors capture temperature, humidity, wind, and air quality data to help us understand ways we can make public spaces more comfortable.

We’re also mapping the municipality for the pilot Cool Routes tool, which will use data and emerging technology to help people plan safe and comfortable journeys through the city.

Cool Routes will also allow us to share heat health information with users, and demonstrate the benefits of urban greening.

Heat health tips

To find the locations of drinking fountains, water play areas and cool places across town this summer, visit Heatwaves. For a cool treat, browse What’s On Melbourne for our city’s best gelato.

During extreme heat we offer people sleeping rough free pool passes and movie tickets as part of our Heatwave Response Plan. Please look after each other in hot weather. If someone needs emergency assistance, call 000.

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