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Six ways we’re spreading sunshine in Melbourne

1 August 2019

Sunshine is vitally important to people’s health and wellbeing, so we’re working hard to maintain light, bright and activated spaces in the city during winter.

From improving planning controls to make sure new buildings don’t overshadow our parks, to creating new open space where people can bask in the sun, the future is looking bright.

Here are six ways we’re spreading sunshine in Melbourne’s green spaces.

1. New planning controls for future developments
We’re protecting winter sun in parks large and small across the municipality through new planning controls. This will give everyone the opportunity to enjoy winter sun in a park close to where they live or work, to exercise, walk their dog, read a book or catch up with friends.

2. Sports and community clubs
Did you know Melbourne is the laughter club capital of Australia? Find a fun way to boost your wellbeing and meet new friends in the great outdoors – from tennis to tai chi – over at Sports and recreation.

3. New open space
Picture a green oasis that’s more than twice the size of the MCG. By 2021, you’ll have this much more parkland in the city where you can exercise, play and relax. To find out more, read Eight new parks by 2021.

4. Greening projects
We prioritise sustainability and urban biodiversity through projects like our Urban Forest Fund and rooftop bee hives. To help out, even if you don’t have a garden, read Six top tips for city greening.

5. Junior rangers
Keep an eye out in your local park for our park rangers sharing amazing knowledge about the environment with their Nature Trailer. Little ones can join our Junior Rangers program and look out for these five creatures in the wild.

6. Pet care
Check out great places to walk your dog, top tips for responsible pet ownership, and details of any free dog-training sessions coming up over at Pets. You can also read about a day in the life of an animal management officer.

For more information on the new planning controls for preserving winter sunlight in our parks, visit Participate.

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