Discover a new sense of belonging in Melbourne this year – in a city where everyone is welcome and anything is possible.

The City of Melbourne is home to people from 160 cultural backgrounds, who speak 150 languages and practise 80 faiths. The city has a magnetism that draws people together, and this diversity is one of our greatest strengths.

We work to ensure that our city is ever more inclusive, accessible and welcoming for all.

We provide wrap-around support for people experiencing homelessness. We create opportunities for people to deepen their understanding of Aboriginal Melbourne. We help businesses start, grow and go global.

Here are seven ways to feel welcome in Melbourne:

1. Around your neighbourhood

Find out what’s going on in your suburb and help make it shine through our neighbourhood portals. Local business owner Lisette said the portals promote connectivity among diverse people and reduce isolation.

2. In the business community

Unlock your business potential with support from expert advisers and join the many innovative businesses investing in Melbourne. Invest Melbourne is here to help you make your business dreams a reality.

3. Between the bookshelves

Our libraries are places full of joy and creativity that transform lives. Drop by to connect, code, co-work, create in our makerspaces, join a conversation club or seek support from our Library Social Worker.

4. In community facilities

Move it your way or join a team in our accessible sports and recreation facilities. Or head to your local neighbourhood centre to find fun, friendship and activities alongside people who speak your language.

5. Among the trees

Slow down and smell the river mint with Ranger Jim’s four mindful activities to do in nature. Or welcome wildlife to your place with free advice from Gardens for Wildlife guides, even if you only have pot plants.

6. At pivotal celebrations

Be part of a sparkly, unforgettable night designed to create life-affirming inclusion for LGBTQIA+ high-schoolers. We’ve supporting Minus18’s Queer Formal with a Connected Communities Grant.

7. In creative spaces

Celebrate transgender experience and ponder the dualities of life through bold new art funded by annual arts grants. ArtPlay and Signal also invite children, families and young people to get creative.

These are just a few of the ways to engage with the City of Melbourne’s vibrant community life this year.

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Image: The City of Melbourne’s team of friendly neighbourhood partners outside Melbourne Town Hall.

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