Salsa in the city this spring

19 August 2022

Experience pop-up salsa classes, a floral wonderland, live music hubs and 15 more exciting events across the city, made possible by the $1.75 million City Activation Grants program. 

Recipients have received up to $50,000 to support the delivery of activations that entice workers and visitors into the city after winter.

Minx Hafon and her team members at The MBassy Dance are excited to share their love of Latin dance, music and culture through Salsa in the City.

This series of free dance classes and jam sessions will pop up at Queensbridge Square, Dukes Walk and Collins Landing from September to December. Dates and times will be announced soon.

‘We will have beginner-friendly classes and professional demonstrations by world-class dance instructors in styles like salsa, bachata, and reggaeton,’ Minx said.

‘There’ll also be food vendor selling Mexican food and drinks like burritos, tacos and jarritos.’ 

‘You can expect to boogie, laugh and be entertained.’

Minx said Latin dance has a strong sense of community, so it’s a great way to bring people together. Even those of us who feel a bit shy.

‘It doesn’t matter where you come from, what language you speak, how good a dancer you are, or even if you come without a partner, it’s all about dancing together with everyone,’ Minx said.

‘If you’re shy, or consider yourself to “have two left feet”, don’t worry. Our classes are absolutely beginner-friendly and the main focus is to have fun.

‘Salsa is really just fancy walking when it comes down to it, so if you can walk, you can dance!’

Other City Activation Grant recipients

  • Winter Sessions – bringing together emerging and established Melbourne musicians to create live music hubs at the Queen Victoria Market precinct, Lygon Street and Alexandra Gardens in August.  
  • The Greenhouse Conservatory – converting the waterside precinct into a floral wonderland with spring-themed street art installations and projections in September.  
  • Dock your Bike – providing valet-style bike parking in Docklands, encouraging riders to make the most of the city sunshine in September.  
  • Remember the Wild – an augmented reality experience on Melbourne’s past and future.  
  • Creek Chat – a sound-based public art intervention amplifying the underground waterway Williams Creek in Melbourne CBD, acknowledging the journey the creek has been through on Wurundjeri Land.

The arts and events industries have been severely impacted by the pandemic. So Minx encourages everyone to ‘support local’.

‘We used to tour, perform, and compete at dance festivals and competitions interstate and around the world,’ Minx said. 

‘Many events have still not returned after COVID and international travel is still a nightmare for any major event organiser.

‘Please support your local businesses, especially those in the arts industry.’

Looking to the future, The MBassy Dance is taking part in the Shopfront Activation Program with Renew Docklands in order to move into a brand-new studio near the harbour. The Shopfront Activation Program is part of the $100 million Melbourne City Recovery Fund – a partnership between the City of Melbourne and the Victorian Government.

Pretty soon, the new studio space will be buzzing with dance classes and salsa parties, so keep an eye out on The MBassy Dance website and social media channels for details. 

The City Activation Grants are part of the landmark $100 million Melbourne City Recovery Fund – a partnership between the City of Melbourne and the Victorian Government.

For more information, visit City Activation Grants.

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