Powerful recycling resolutions

3 January 2023

Australians produce about 10 kg of waste per person, per week. Most of this is sent to landfill. To reduce your impact, buy only the things you really need and learn how to recycle right.

Reducing the impact of waste is central to our commitment to take action on climate change, drive the circular economy, plan for a growing city and provide a safe, clean environment where our community can thrive.

We can’t do this alone. We need your help to create less waste and ensure all recyclables are managed correctly. Here
are some recycling resolutions to start today.

Compost food scraps and garden waste

Let’s keep food out of landfill. Take advantage of our new food and garden organics collection, caddies and compostable liners. Waste is composted for use on parks and gardens. We also offer discounted worm farms and home-composting systems.

Refill your cups and containers

Be prepared for Victoria’s upcoming ban on single-use plastics. Bring your reusable cup and containers for coffee runs and grocery shopping. Head to Queen Victoria Market to refill containers with everything from wine to fresh pasta, and view our interactive map of water-refill stations.

Get it right on bin night

Did you know that greasy pizza boxes and plastic bottle lids can’t be recycled? Or that recyclables should be loose, not bagged? Head to to quickly search what goes in what bin, and why.

Save money and reduce food waste

Plan your meals, shop smart, cook waste-free and store food correctly to reduce food waste and save money. Being prepared is the best way to ensure you don’t create waste. Head to for recipes and good food habits.

Drop-off your e-waste

The Victorian Government has banned e-waste from landfill, so bring your e-waste (anything with a plug, cord or battery) to a drop-off location listed on our website. Items will be taken apart and recycled for new uses.

Upcycle and repair your clothes

Use the sewing machines at our library makerspaces or attend an upcycling workshop to give garments a new lease on life. Unwanted items in good repair can be donated through local op-shops and charities.

Book a free hard-waste collection

Donate, sell or give away unwanted items wherever possible. For anything left over, you can book one free hard waste
each year. If you live in a high-rise building, ask your building manager to book a collection for you.

Dispose of chemicals mindfully

Do not put chemicals in your landfill or recycling bin. Drop off unwanted chemicals for free at your closest Detox Your Home collection point to be recycled or disposed of safely.

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