Nine ways to act now on climate change

14 March 2019

Help us take bold action on climate change to create the brightest future for Melbourne and the world through these nine practical tips.

We are proud to be part of a local and international movement to urgently reduce emissions and address the impact of climate change. This major commitment to action is outlined in our Climate Change Mitigation Strategy 2050.

It’s common to feel powerless amid the climate crisis, but everyone’s actions count and we can achieve a great deal by working together. Here’s where to start.

1. Get informed
De-mystify climate change by taking some time to understand the real impact that it is having on our city, and our world. The Climate Council offers plenty of inspiration and a handy myth-busting guide to help you engage in conversations with family and friends.

2. Save energy and money at home
Make smart choices about appliances, lighting, heating, cooling and hot water to save lots on your energy bills and make your home more comfortable. Sustainability Victoria has some great tips to help you understand where you money goes and how to make simple, effective changes.

3. Use green power
Did you know that the City of Melbourne’s operations are now powered by 100 per cent renewable energy, thanks to the Melbourne Renewable Energy Project? You too can purchase green power for your home, and ask your employer to do the same. Find out more at GreenPower.

4. Travel sustainably
Save time and money and easily get more exercise by making sustainable transport choices. This doesn’t mean you have to walk or cycle everywhere, or never take a holiday – it’s about considering your most sustainable options wherever possible. Learn more from Sustainability Victoria.

5. Keep your food out of landfill
Plan meals in advance, check your cupboards and fridge before shopping, be creative with leftovers, and use compost bins and worm farms to prevent food waste going to landfill. Food waste costs the average Victorian household $2200 a year, so it pays to take stock.

6. Be super smart
Retire into a less polluted world by asking your superannuation fund to stop investing in fossil fuels like coal mining and coal seam gas. And you won’t be alone. According to Market Forces, super fund members worth $458 billion are willing to change funds to avoid ‘dirty’ investments.

7. Become a citizen forester
Meet new people and get involved in creating a greener Melbourne through our Citizen Forester program. Volunteers are trained and empowered to grow our urban forest and improve urban ecology by carrying out essential advocacy, monitoring and research.

8. Plant trees
Join a tree planting group, such as Friends of Westgate Park. For about 20 years, this award-winning group has been working to transform the park into a haven for Indigenous plants and wildlife. So far, they have planted more than 300,000 plants. To find out more, visit Westgate Biodiversity.

9. Join a community climate action group
Share your passion for local issues with like-minded people and work together to help deliver climate campaigns and projects, and engage new supporters. This will feed into international efforts, networks and campaigns. Find out more at Climate Action Network Australia.

To find out more, visit Taking action on climate change.

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