North Melbourne hub a haven for fun and friendship

Connect and share with people who speak your language at your local neighbourhood and seniors citizen’s centre. 

We run free and low-cost activities for older people and carers at our neighbourhood centres in North Melbourne, South Yarra and Kensington. 

These facilities welcome people from diverse backgrounds, including African, Chinese, Greek, Italian, Polish and Spanish-speaking groups that meet regularly to socialise over meals and activities. 

Support and friendship

The Jean McKendry Neighbourhood Centre in North Melbourne has recently reopened after renovations that have made the space more accessible for people with limited mobility, and people with hearing and vision impairment. 

Jean McKendry offers meeting rooms, a craft and sewing room, a kitchen and a large main hall. 

We will continue improving the centre with new heating and cooling systems, a new commercial oven and an upgraded courtyard garden during late 2022 and early 2023. 

Chats over lunch

What’s on every week

Here are just a few of the activities that happen at the Jean McKendry Neighbourhood Centre every week. 

  • Volunteers from the Slavic Women’s Group cook up “home-food” like chicken paprikash and cabbage rolls. This group celebrates its 40th anniversary in November 2022. 
  • The North Melbourne Chinese Association put on their dancing shoes, grab a partner and enjoy popular ballroom dances including waltz, swing, cha cha and foxtrot.  
  • Members of the African Elderly Communities Association meet to socialise and play cards. 
  • Creative people from the North and West Melbourne Seniors Group spend the day painting and sketching. 
  • The Australian Multicultural Services Group meets in the main hall to exercise and sing karaoke. 
  • Members of the Chinese Arts Association of Melbourne enjoy performing traditional dance and singing. 

Keep an eye out for weekly line dancing followed by a community afternoon tea and one-on-one tech support sessions, starting in February 2023. 

Activities for all interests

How to get involved 

Contact our Healthy Ageing team members on 03 9658 9190 or email  

They will help connect you with a group or activity that meets your needs and interests. 

You can also browse Healthy Ageing events online, or see what’s on at our libraries

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