Meet the Invest Melbourne Advisory Board

8 August 2023

Get to know the business experts on the Invest Melbourne Advisory Board. They collaborate to attract great businesses to the city and make it easier for entrepreneurs to start, grow and go global with their big ideas.

Invest Melbourne helps unlock business potential for many innovative and successful companies seeking to invest here in Melbourne. Are you among them? Harness this prosperity, connect with the right people at the right time, and achieve business success.

Amanda Coombs, chair

Expertise in financial services and innovation

We draw on our experience in finance, technology, innovation, energy, life sciences, logistics, property and education. The aim is to develop a pipeline of opportunities that will create jobs and ensure Melbourne is an easy place to do business.

We want Melburnians to be proud of their city and enjoy working and living here. There’s great momentum for reimagining what Melbourne can be for businesses that are looking to land or expand in the city.

Andrew Carter

Expertise in med tech, pharmaceuticals and commercialisation

Invest Melbourne is a bold facilitator of ideas that prioritise long-term wellbeing over profit. Our vision is for a city that seamlessly blends work, leisure and life experiences. A place where getting together with colleagues, family and friends is desirable and easy.

Melbourne is a city that prioritises people and offers a mix of safe spaces. We acknowledge our past and improve our natural assets, and promote commuting options that are environmentally sustainable.

David Chen

Expertise in shipping, technology and general business leadership

My goal is to foster a business environment that champions sustainable supply chain solutions and puts Melbourne at the forefront of global logistic innovations.

Melbourne is a city where culture, technology, and sustainable logistics coalesce, ensuring efficient, eco-friendly business operations.

Amy Foo

Expertise in technology and digital innovation

I’m passionate about the tech industry, and seeing more cultural diversity and women in tech. By facilitating the right investment frameworks and policies, Invest Melbourne is creating sustainable economic growth.

As a global leader, we attract business, innovation and talent, and foster a vibrant city culture. That leads to good business and job opportunities for Melburnians.

View from Southbank to the CBD at dusk, with the bright city lights reflected in the river.
Southbank, the Yarra River – Birrarung and Melbourne’s CBD

Ian McCall

Expertise in information and communications technology, digital innovation

Melbourne is already a leading city in the globally connected technology community, home to a vibrant startup community, headquarters to home-grown technology giants and hosting a strong representation of global-leading tech companies.

Given the increasingly central role of technology in every sector of the economy, Invest Melbourne plans to amplify global recognition of Melbourne as a leading tech city. It facilitates connections for new tech companies in the industry verticals, where Melbourne is a recognised leader.

Scott Tanner

Expertise in banking and financial services, real estate, digital transformation, and corporate governance

Our vision is to attract the headquarters of great businesses and future industries. We want to tackle and solve new global challenges and create new opportunities in a loop of learning, innovation and leadership.

Invest Melbourne can identify gaps and reinforce our strengths in attracting and retaining global industry leaders. We help industry and individuals create an exciting and dynamic environment where industry and individuals can achieve their full potential.

Rachel Watson

Expertise in renewable energy generation

Melbourne is already a key hub for energy companies in Australia, and renewable energy companies in particular.

Invest Melbourne is uniquely placed to foster business activity in the renewable energy sector, which will further enhance Melbourne’s reputation as a green city of the future.

Dr Julie Wells

Expertise in the tertiary education, policy and partnership development

Melbourne is rich in educational, sporting, scientific and cultural institutions. I’d like to see that wealth leveraged and enjoyed by everyone. My vision is for Melbourne to be a global hub for inclusive innovation – artistic, social, scientific – where everyone can participate and benefit.

Invest Melbourne has a great part to play as a facilitator, enabler and partner with industry, business and government to grow investment and jobs right here.

Read more about the Invest Melbourne Advisory Board, and find out how Invest Melbourne is cementing the city’s reputation as a global investment destination.

Leafy greens being grown under lights.

Investing in local business

Get to know some of the innovative local businesses that Invest Melbourne is here to support with industry connections, guidance and more.

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