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Simpler parking to unlock space in city

5 May 2023

The City of Melbourne will make parking in the city simpler and fairer – unlocking hundreds more spaces, free parking for up to 15 minutes and cheaper rates for off-peak times.

Following extensive consultation, the final version of the Parking and Kerbside Management Plan has been released, alongside a range of improvements to better utilise on-street space.

Council received valuable feedback and suggestions from about 440 individuals and organisations – with calls to make improvements to parking management as soon as possible.

This plan optimises on-street parking, which represents only 4 per cent of all parking available in the city. The remaining 96 per cent of parking is managed off-street in commercial car parks.

The final plan aims to significantly improve parking management across the central city through:

  • Simpler signage to reduce driver confusion
  • Consistent 2-hour paid parking limits every day, 7am to 10pm, including Sunday
  • Introduction of paid parking on Sunday to promote turnover and attract more customers for traders
  • Free parking for up to 15 minutes to support quick trips
  • Optimising underused spaces and converting loading zones to paid parking after 4pm – making 500 additional parking spaces available in the evenings
  • Fairer, data-led pricing, with a new off-peak $4 per hour rate all weekend and after 7pm on weekdays
  • Consistent loading zone time limits for drivers to make deliveries, disabled parking and dedicated pick up/drop off zones in every street

Council will continue working with off-street parking operators to make it easier to find and access the 68,000 off-street parking – so drivers can make the best choice for their time in the city. This includes further promotion of parking deals.

The plan was informed by the experience of around 1,000 road users and does not propose any increase to the current maximum $7 hourly parking rate. Simpler signage and conditions will reduce confusion and could result in a 10 per cent decrease in parking fines.

Parking improvements in the central city will be rolled out from July, supported by a campaign to educate the community about the improved and simplified measures. Work will commence to review and improve parking in Carlton and West Melbourne next year.

The final Parking and Kerbside Management Plan will be considered by Council at the 16 May Future Melbourne Committee meeting.

Quotes attributable to Lord Mayor Sally Capp

“Good parking management helps keep our city moving – and we want to make parking simpler for people who drive in to Melbourne.”

“Businesses need confidence that their customers can find a park, and deliveries will arrive on time. That’s why we’re making up to 15 minutes of parking free, creating consistent 2-hour limits and installing clearer signs.”

“Feedback from traders was loud and clear – they want to see more active management across on-street parking, to attract more customers and increase parking turnover.”

“This isn’t a ‘set and forget’ approach – we will work regularly with the community to bring the plan to life in all Melbourne neighbourhoods.”

Quotes attributable to deputy lead City Transport, Infrastructure and Operations portfolio Councillor Davydd Griffiths

“Our on-street parking can be complex with some parking signs, limits and charges confusing and inconsistent, resulting in frustrating experiences for drivers in the city. This plan will change that.”

“This parking refresh was a key part of our Transport Strategy – improving the experience of all visitors to the city by creating more accessible streets and delivering more economic benefits to businesses.”

Key facts from Parking and Kerbside Management Plan consultation report:

  • Around 1,000 road users were engaged in late 2022 and asked about their experience driving in the city. Their responses directly informed the Parking and Kerbside Management Plan.
  • Almost 400 people provided feedback through Participate Melbourne.
  • Briefing sessions conducted with key stakeholder groups – including Motorcycles Consultative Forum, Disability Advisory Committee, Department of Transport and Planning, Victoria Walks, Bus Association Victoria, RACV, Parking Australia
  • Key findings of the report included:
    • More than 80% of participants supported the regular review of kerbside space functionality.
    • Almost 60% of those surveyed said the greatest challenge was to address the competing needs for access to limited city space.
    • Nearly 50% of participants said that drivers can have difficulty finding available on-street carparks.
    • Over three quarters of those surveyed said access to kerbside space should be equitable and inclusive.
    • Most participants described a well-functioning kerbside as ‘safe’, ‘pedestrian-friendly’, ‘available’ and ‘affordable’.

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