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New partnership to ignite Power Melbourne

30 January 2024

The City of Melbourne is one step closer to delivering more affordable renewable energy for residents and businesses through its ambitious Power Melbourne project.

Power Melbourne’s pilot stage will see three battery energy storage systems – with a combined capacity of 450 kW / 1MWh – installed at Library at the Dock, Boyd Community Hub and a Council House site.

The batteries will charge during the day when there is a higher proportion of renewable energy in the grid. Stored energy will then be released back into the grid when it’s needed most – helping to support the transition to renewable energy.

The project’s pilot phase is an opportunity to test the Power Melbourne model, gaining insights to inform the expansion of the battery network and retail offering in the future.

Following a rigorous tender process, Council will partner with Origin Energy to install and operate these batteries – creating a network to help accelerate the transition to a renewable powered city.

More than 85 per cent of Melburnians surveyed support the installation of community batteries in their local area. The majority of residents and businesses also agree urgent action is needed on climate change.

Power Melbourne will boost the city’s economy by creating new opportunities for research, industry development, education and training.

It will also accelerate the city’s transition to 100 per cent renewable energy by 2030, helping Council achieve net-zero emissions by 2040.

We’re working closely with The University of Melbourne, RMIT University and inner-city councils to ensure the Power Melbourne model can be replicated across greater Melbourne and beyond.

We’ll also continue to consult with residents and businesses as we test this initial network – to consider how we can utilise the batteries to the benefit of our community.

All three batteries in the Power Melbourne pilot network are expected to be installed by mid-2024.

Power Melbourne is supported through the Victorian Government’s Neighbourhood Batteries initiative and the Australian Government Community Batteries for Household Solar program.

Projects like Power Melbourne are leading the city’s efforts to address climate change and reduce emissions. The City of Melbourne was recently recognised with its sixth A-grade rating from global environmental impact not-for-profit, CDP.

For more information, visit Participate Melbourne.

Quotes attributable to Lord Mayor Sally Capp

“We’re doing what counts – Power Melbourne will aim to unlock access to cleaner, reliable and more affordable renewable energy for Melburnians.”

“Partnerships are crucial to the success of innovative projects like this – that’s why we’ve teamed up with Origin Energy to build and operate this flagship battery power network.”

“Power Melbourne will benefit residents who live or work in apartment buildings and can’t install their own solar panels, while driving new investment and creating jobs.”

Quotes attributable to Environment portfolio lead Councillor Rohan Leppert

“Storage is the missing piece of the puzzle when it comes to providing residents and businesses with access to affordable renewable energy.”

“Partnering with an established company with significant expertise will help us navigate this innovative pilot stage of Power Melbourne with confidence.”

“The pilot will inform future phases of the project – supporting our journey towards powering the city with 100 per cent renewable energy by 2030.”

Quotes attributable to Origin Zero Executive General Manager, James Magill

“We’re excited to partner with the City of Melbourne to help realise its vision to provide residents and businesses with access to more affordable energy, while supporting the transition to renewable energy.”

“Power Melbourne is an exciting and ambitious program. This first stage will see our Origin Zero team, which works with large businesses and councils, install three batteries with a combined capacity of 450 kW / 1MWh – equivalent to powering more than 70 homes each day.” 

“We are looking forward to commencing work on this first trial phase, which is an important step on the journey towards the City of Melbourne’s goal of powering the entire city with renewable energy by 2030.”

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30 January 2024

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