Kicking goals with Kensington soccer club

A soccer team standing arm in arm.

Kick it like Sam Kerr at Kensington’s inclusive all-female soccer club. With restrictions eased for community sport, the club is actively recruiting new players of all experience levels. 

Kensington City Soccer Club has been an integral part of the local community for 35 years, promoting participation for people of all backgrounds and abilities, and delivering professional development programs. 

The club has a particular focus on gender equality and building engagement among women and girls. In 2022, it hopes to field two female teams to compete in the Football Victoria Women’s State League Competition. 

Club president Frank Ganino said sports clubs have an important role to play in every neighbourhood. 

‘Melburnians have long held a close affinity with sport, whether we are an active participant, an unassuming volunteer who is the first to arrive and the last to leave, or the die-hard supporter who wears their team’s colours with pride,’ Frank said. 

‘We believe community sport improves mental health, helping participants achieve a better outlook on life, increasing motivation and leading to more successful interactions and outcomes both on and off the pitch.   

‘It’s also a great way to meet people from different backgrounds, form new and stronger friendships that may last a lifetime, share ups and downs, grow together in camaraderie, and share unforgettable experiences.’ 

While COVID-19 restrictions put Kensington City Soccer Club’s normal training and play on hold, the group worked hard to keep members’ spirits high, and to help them stay safe, active and connected. 

This included embracing new technology to set up virtual skills training through smartphone apps. 

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, the club has continued to welcome new players and maintain its partnerships with local businesses, and there are some exciting developments on the horizon. 

‘This year, together with a great deal of local sponsorship and support, we have established a community partnership with A-League premiers and champions, the Melbourne City Football Club,’ Frank said.  

‘It’s anticipated that this relationship will further strengthen Kensington City Soccer Club, aligning us with best-practice guidelines and making us a ‘destination club’ for players and supporters. 

‘Looking to the future, we very much look forward to seeing all the club’s sporting participants and members return to the pitch and build upon new and existing friendships.’ 

Kensington City Soccer Club is actively seeking to recruit players of all abilities. Check out the club on Facebook and phone Recruitment and Player Manager Luis Vilela on 0431 775 515 if you’re interested in joining.   

To browse more opportunities for sport and recreation in the City of Melbourne, visit Active Melbourne. 

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