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Innovation shapes future Melbourne

24 February 2019

Our population will double over the next 30 years, so we’re finding creative solutions to enhance our city and create the brightest future for all Melburnians.

Key city-shaping projects in the works include the Metro Tunnel, Queen Victoria Market Precinct Renewal and new open spaces totalling 12 times the size of the MCG.

Many more projects are being delivered through our strategies on topics including sustainability, transport, arts and wellbeing, including the recent switch to renewable energy for all council operations.

Professor Rob Adams, our Director of City Design and Projects, said that it is critical to involve the community in decision-making for our city’s future.

‘As we change our city, we need to put people ahead of all other aspects of the city. A community that is happy is involved and engaged in making this place an exciting place to be,’ Rob said.

‘The change we need now is more rapid, but the strategies are there.

‘We can make the city so much better in 30 years’ time, and so much more acceptable to people on a cultural, financial and environmental level.’

Below, some of our city’s biggest innovators share their visions for Melbourne’s future.

Jefa Greenaway
Director, Greenaway Architects
First Nations stories are critical to our story – the Australian story. And the public realm is really a platform where we can connect to people and have a conversation, we can share experiences. So what we need to do is find opportunities and design inspiration which embraces Indigenous culture. Bringing the landscape into the public realm also really facilitates wellbeing.
Kate Torney
Chief Executive Officer, State Library Victoria
One of the fantastic things about Melbourne’s museums, its galleries, and of course its libraries is that everyone is welcome. We’re really trying to invite people in for different reasons – creating spaces and community hubs where people can gather. We’ve got a great history of adaptability. We change as the public needs change.
Nathan Toleman
Director, The Mulberry Group
Melbourne is on a world stage when it comes to food. Now more and more people are concerned about where their food waste goes to. We need to start making a change as an industry. Provenance and sustainability are a huge part of our business. We need to try to leave this place in either a better spot or same spot as when we found it.
Davey Thompson
Associate Producer, ILBIJERRI Theatre Company
Melbourne’s event calendar is so diverse and so unique. It gives you so many opportunities to express your story and share that little bit of your culture. Our future is progressive. Our future is exciting. Our future is full of art. Our future is full of love.

For more information, visit City Projects.

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