CLUE data reveals food and beverage sector boom

9 October 2018

Melbourne’s food and coffee culture is booming according to new data from our latest Census of Land Use and Employment.

The CLUE data reveals that, over the past 10 years, the number of cafes and restaurants has increased by 770 and the number of hospitality jobs has increased by 12,800.

This has resulted in an extra 55,900 seats – more seats than Marvel stadium.

Saluministi is one of the cafes enjoying the rapid growth, with owners and brothers-in-law Frank Bressi and Peter Mastro now busy sharing the flavours of their Italian upbringing at three locations.

‘I believe the secret of success is having a good work life balance and truly having passion for both.  You need to be dedicated and passionate to go the long haul,’ Frank said.

‘If you have this, then all the other bits, which are very important (such as planning, staff and foresight), will come together.’

As businesses jostle to be noticed in a busy market, Frank is an advocate for simplicity and warm hospitality.

‘It seems Melbourne’s cafe culture is becoming more and more sophisticated all the time. Cafes are expected to offer a premium product in luxurious surroundings and at all hours of the day,’ Frank said.

‘In addition, the ability for businesses to open in off-beat locations and have instant delivery services available has changed the landscape dramatically recently.

‘I do however feel that there is room for “old school” type operators like us, delivering honest food at sensible prices in a pleasant and fun environment. I think we will see more of these style eateries in the future.’

The City of Melbourne collects CLUE data through face-to-face interviews with every business across the municipality. The research has been conducted in one form or another since the 1960s.

For a detailed view of the latest CLUE data, or a summary of headline trends, visit CLUE or explore our Open Data platform.

Key food and beverage insights

  • 2360 cafes and restaurants across the City of Melbourne
  • 770 more cafes and restaurants since 2007 – an average annual increase of four per cent
  • 37,500 food and beverage services jobs across the City of Melbourne
  • 12,800 more jobs since 2007

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