Five thrifty, healthy and sustainable ways to get around Melbourne

25 September 2023

Save time, money and the planet by making small changes to how you get around the city.

Transport accounts for 16 per cent of all emissions in the municipality. To achieve our goal of net zero emissions by 2040, we need to rapidly reduce transport emissions.

We’re creating more pedestrian-friendly streets, building bike lanes and increasing the number of car-share vehicles to help make sustainable transport options hassle-free.

There are exciting opportunities to make impactful changes, and you can be part of the solution. Read on for five fun and sustainable ways to get from A to B:

What’s the carbon impact of your commute?

Every kilometre you travel in a regular car creates about 244 grams of carbon dioxide emissions. When travelling by train, this reduces to 29 grams, and emissions for tram travel have been completely offset. Cycling, walking and electric vehicles powered by renewables do not emit greenhouse gases.

1. Bicycles

Get around the city for free and keep fit on our 135 km of on- and off-road cycle paths. We’re creating new and improved cycling routes across the city, including protected bike lanes, to make it easier and safer for you to get where you need to go. Need a place to park your treadly? Search our map of more than 2700 bike hoops. Struggling on steep inclines? Hire an e-bike to make hills a breeze.

Be part of Biketober: Log your bike rides on the Love to Ride app this October for a chance to win great prizes. Learn more at Biketober.
A man riding a cargo bike
Cargo bikes are a great way to move small items around the city

2. Trams, trains and buses

Let someone else do the driving and watch the world go by from one of Melbourne’s iconic trams, trains or buses. More than 60 per cent of trips around the City of Melbourne are made on public transport, and we want to boost this figure. Plan your trip with Google Maps or Public Transport Victoria and browse the growing number of accessible tram stops.

Flinders Street Station

3. Walking

Feel the buzz of the city and the serenity of our parks as you meander through Melbourne. Whether you power walk with a podcast or take a detour to see street art, secret gardens and iconic arcades, walking is great for mind, body, the hip pocket and the planet. On hot days, find the coolest routes through the city by using our digital wayfinding tool.

People walking holding bike helmets
Combine your choice of walking, cycling and public transport to get around in record time

4. Car-share vehicles

Save money by joining the 45 per cent of people who don’t own a car in the City of Melbourne. There are already more than 600 vehicles available from car-share providers with many more on the horizon. That means you can easily find wheels for infrequent trips, access delivery vans for your business or explore Victoria then park back at the door of city attractions.

A Lime employee swapping battery packs on hireable e-scooters

5. E-scooters

Skip the traffic and zip along on an e-scooter. Popular around the world, this fun mode of transport does less harm to the environment and takes up less space on our streets. All riders have a responsibility to make sure they understand road rules and safe behaviours. Brush up on the VicRoads website.

Brush up on road rules to cycle and scoot safely

Find out more

We’re working on a range of measures to support low-emissions travel for all, including expanding our network of bike routes and updating our planning scheme to require electric-car chargers in all new buildings in the central city.

To learn more, visit Parking and transport.

We updating our planning scheme to require all new buildings in the central city to have electric-car chargers

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