Fifteen changemaking community projects

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Local changemakers are delivering new projects to create happier, healthier and more connected neighbourhoods in the City of Melbourne. 

We’ve awarded a new round of Connected Communities grants to help groups deliver programs focused on mental health, community participation, employment, LGBTIQA+ equality and multicultural engagement. 

Amid the continuing challenges of COVID-19, it is more important than ever for us to foster wellbeing and inclusion among people of all ages and backgrounds. 

Read on to discover just a few of the uplifting projects we’ve funded. 

1. Multilingual health support

St Vincent’s Hospital will expand its multilingual app that helps facilitate communication between health professionals and vulnerable patients, particularly those from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds.

2. Homewares for people in need

Volunteers from the Rotary Club of Melbourne will provide homewares for Launch Housing clients as they transition out of homelessness. The kits will include items for the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen.

3. Biodiversity education

PlantingSeeds will engage local schools to create new wildlife habitats along biodiversity corridors, empowering students to become citizen scientists through practical learning.

4. Youth mental health first aid training

Rotary Central Melbourne will deliver first aid training for teachers, sports coaches and other workers whose employment brings them in touch with young people at risk of mental illness or suicide.

5. Multicultural food market

Slow Food Melbourne will deliver a monthly Carlton World Food Market to support micro-businesses, celebrate multiculturalism, and create a welcoming space for local families.

6. City navigation for people who are blind or vision-impaired

Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria will engage people who are blind or vision-impaired to design and lead walks that help their peers navigate Melbourne safely and promote participation in city life.

7. Job club for refugees and migrants

Carlton Neighbourhood Learning Centre will run a job club to support people from refugee or migrant backgrounds secure meaningful and sustainable employment following lockdowns.

8. Meaningful one-to-one support for people with disability

The Disability Resources Centre will recruit 30 volunteers with lived experience to provide support for people living with disability who have experienced loneliness and other challenges during COVID-19.

9. Leadership program to prevent violence against women

The Drill Hall Residents Association will run an intensive training and leadership course for local residents that focuses on the prevention of violence against women in multicultural communities.

10. Sporting opportunities for girls

Kensington Junior Soccer Club will engage local girls as ambassadors for the club, run events to get more young women playing soccer, and train women to be coaches and mentors.

11. ‘Green Time not Screen Time’ wellbeing program

The Kensington Neighbourhood House will run excursions, and engage Indigenous educators and bi-cultural therapists, to foster social recovery among people who spent lockdowns in high-rise public housing.

12. Fitness equipment for people in need

Launch Housing will install an outdoor gym at its crisis accommodation in Southbank to promote health and wellbeing among residents who have experienced homelessness.

13. Education support for young carers

Little Dreamers Australia will provide tutoring for young people aged 12 to 18 who provide unpaid care. The program will be run by a team of subject-expert volunteers from diverse backgrounds.

14. Empowerment for vulnerable renters

Anika Legal will create two guides in 10 languages to help vulnerable renters at risk of eviction negotiate a rent reduction or payment plans, and self-represent at VCAT.

15. Support through change and loss

MacKillop Family Services will support migrant, refugees and asylum seeker communities through change, loss and grief through its Seasons for Growth program. 

Find out more

We offer a variety of funding opportunities that empower communities to become more engaged in city life and take local action on important issues.

For more information, visit Community funding and grants. 

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