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There’s no water in Carlton but this yacht club’s a winner

It’s for very good reason Melbourne was named in the world’s top five travel-worthy drinking destinations this year. The key to this acclaim is Melbourne's cultural diversity and the waves of migration over the years from Italy, Greece and Asia which have influenced our city’s bar scene.  Take Carlton Yacht Club for example.  It’s behind a blink-and-you'll-miss-it door, in a sea of espresso bars and cucinas in the heart of Little Italy.  The perfect destination for times when your budget doesn’t quite stretch to sailing the Amalfi Coast but you want to feel a world away with an Aperol Spritz or a Limoncello in hand.  Andrew Leonedas is proud of the community he's created at Carlton Yacht Club Bar But it’s owner Andrew Leonedas’ Greek heritage that has perhaps unwittingly influenced the nautical theme.  “I came up with the name as it represents the relaxed environment I wanted to create and constructed...
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