Community guide to fresh produce and food relief

24 March 2021

Find healthy and affordable food in your neighbourhood by using the City of Melbourne’s Community Food Guide.

Data from our Health and Wellbeing Profile 2020 revealed that the number of residents experiencing food insecurity increased last year and 33 per cent of respondents were experiencing some type of food stress.

The Community Food Guide lists markets that sell affordable fresh produce, like Queen Victoria Market and Flemington Farmers’ Market, as well as agencies that provide meals for people in need.

One of the many agencies featured is RISE Food Bank at Level 1/247 Flinders Lane in Melbourne, which provides free dry food, fresh fruits and vegetables for refugees and asylum seekers on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9am to 5pm.

To browse more agencies, visit Your guide to local food relief.

If you are not in need of food relief, but would like to help people who are, we encourage you to connect with your local food relief organisation to see what donations or support they need.

For more information, visit Community Food Guide.

Enjoy seasonal produce

Just seven per cent of Melburnians consume the recommended two serves of fruit and three serves of vegetables each day, according to the City of Melbourne’s Health and Wellbeing Profile 2020.

However, this was an increase on the previous year, and the proportion of local residents who produce or conserve their own food is also rising.

This autumn, enjoy the health benefits of eating a ‘rainbow’ of seasonal produce like apples, beetroot and broccoli, and have a go at growing vegetables and herbs in your garden or pots.

Visit Queen Victoria Market to shop for fresh seasonal produce and groceries including fruit and vegetables, bread, eggs, meat, fish, deli goods, ready-to-eat meals, tea, coffee and pantry staples.

The market is open on Tuesday and Thursday to Sunday. Find out more at Queen Victoria Market.

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