Dancing in the streets of North Melbourne

21 November 2022

Dancers of all shapes and styles took to the streets of North Melbourne as Dance This Way premiered on Errol Street.

The streets thrummed with breakdancing, hip-hop performers, swing duos and even ballroom dancers as part of a new activation by a local precinct group in North and West Melbourne.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights from 4 to 21 November, Errol Street was treated to performances designed to inspire people to strut their stuff.

Lucky visitors received giveaways from local retailers and special offers for customers, including exclusive night-time dining experiences at iconic Auction Rooms.

‘Dance This Way is designed to surprise and delight locals and visitors, bringing colour, movement and excitement to the heart of North Melbourne,’ local trader Sylvia Hungria said.

Sylvia is the president of the North + West Melbourne Precinct Association. This group is all about amplifying the unique character of the neighbourhood, and helping local businesses to thrive.

The creative scene is strong here, with performance venues such as Arts House and The Comic’s Lounge attracting cutting edge talent. And the area’s distinctive character is enhanced by industrial and heritage architecture.

Events such as Dance This Way are designed by the precinct association help to share the charm of the area with a wider audience. Other initiatives to boost the local economy include a pilot for greening Errol Street, the sale of products such as cute tote bags, and gift cards distributed at events such as the recent Queensberry Cup.

Dance This Way recently received funding through City of Melbourne’s city activation grant program as part of the $100 million Melbourne City Recovery Fund – a partnership between the City of Melbourne and the Victorian Government.

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21 November 2022
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