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An old photograph of a woman holding a newspaper. Courtesy State Library Victoria

The rockstar feminist you never knew and why we need a statue of her

She packed out venues on a world tour. US President Teddy Roosevelt was a fan. She won extraordinary rights for Australian women as suffrage spread across the globe. Meet the audacious leader of the women's suffrage movement in Australia, Vida Goldstein, and read on to find out why we are raising funds to build and place a statue of her in Melbourne. In the City of Melbourne, statues of men outnumber that of women by 581 to 10. To help close the gender gap in statues, Council recently promised to add three statues of notable female Melburnians who could inspire new generations. We asked the community for suggestions and received more than 1000 public submissions. Vida Goldstein was the most popular figure put forward by the public. Vida was also the number one pick of the Statues Advisory Committee, chaired by Professor Clare Wright, Professor of History at La...

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