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Collins Street Studios is a game changer for creatives  

11 June 2024

As Australia’s arts and culture capital, Melbourne is the place for creatives to work and collaborate. 

It’s why City of Melbourne has partnered with the Victorian Government to transform an inner-city office floor into a vibrant collection of workspaces for more than 100 creatives to support our city’s creative talents.

Collins Street Studios is the latest of eight spaces to join Council’s Creative Spaces program which connects creatives with affordable, well-located venues to help them thrive.  

Trevor Powell said Collins Street Studios offers high-quality studios at below market rent.

Levelling up  

Digital games producer VectorStorm set-up shop here in early March – the team are no strangers to open creative spaces but say Collins Street Studios is a real step up.  

VectorStorm founder Trevor Powell said the rent was reasonable, particularly given the prime location. 
The spaces at Collins Street Studios are offered below market rates to provide creative professionals with the platform to grow their practice. 

“It’s also much more secure – we’d had security issues in previous collaborative spaces,” Trevor said.

Liam Routt said the studios allow for in person collaboration which is vital for VectorStorm

Producer Liam Routt said work on their world-builder game, MMORPG Tycoon 2, benefits from the generous size of their studio space.   

“There’s enough room to allow the team to put on their blinders, tune each other out and work individually but also have the capacity to collaborate,” he said.  

These opportunities for exchange are when the team strikes creative gold.  

“In-person collaboration just has its own magic to it,” Liam said.  

“It’s spaces like this where you actually get quality cross-pollination. Whether it’s a 10-minute collaboration or it turns into half-a-day, having a workplace like this allows for that.” 

With already more than 50 creatives under one roof – including designers, writers and architects – Collins Street Studios allows for collaborative sparks to fly beyond individual teams and across the office hall.  

Worthy investment  

The VectorStorm team believes creative spaces like Collins Street Studios help validate a sector that can struggle to be seen as ‘real’ work.  

“Imposter syndrome is rife in the videogame industry but we all work hard! Initiatives like Collins Street Studios allow creative professionals to be seen for what they are – professionals,” Liam said.  

Research by SGS Economics estimates $23.8 million will be injected into the economy over 10 years thanks to the new studios – a figure that leaves no doubt of the value in the work of these creatives.  

Artist Liam McLachlan enjoys working out of the new creative space in Collins Street where other video game designers are also based

Collins Street Studio spaces  

Spaces at Collins Street Studios are currently available.  

Visit Creative Spaces to enquire about joining this creative hub in the heart of the city at 271 Collins Street. 

Collins Street Studios was made possible through the Melbourne City Revitalisation Fund – a $200 million partnership of the City of Melbourne, Victorian Government and Creative Victoria. 

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