CBD apartment living creates a community

Two people standing in front of the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton Gardens

Situated in a tranquil pocket of the CBD, you’ll find one of the most community-orientated apartment buildings in Melbourne.

Noor, a town planner, and her partner James were delighted to discover a tight knit community at 28 Little Lonsdale Street and 33 LaTrobe Street.

After moving to Melbourne as an international student in 2008 Noor, like many others, fell in love with the vibrancy and accessibility of the city and has rented properties in the municipality for over a decade.

The couple bought their first apartment in March 2021, taking advantage of the stamp duty savings and affordable apartment prices.

Their low-rise, walk-up apartment, constructed in the mid-90s fronts a luscious green community courtyard, where local people often host fun activities for families and people of all ages.

‘When I moved in, I was pleasantly surprised by the community feel.’

The residents get together frequently for holiday celebrations including Easter, Halloween, Christmas and New Year.

They also have nights where they celebrate one another’s diverse cultural backgrounds.

A dinner party in an urban courtyard

A dinner party in the courtyard

Noor said she’s never been part of more inclusive and welcoming living space.

‘The buildings are home to a mix of renters and owners, young families, older married couples, single parents and immigrants from all over the world,’ Noor said.

‘Just recently a bunch of the residents transformed our turf tennis court into a makeshift moonlight cinema. We’ve even had English roast and Chinese hot-pot nights – multiculturalism is a big thing for us.’

Alongside the closeness and diversity of the building’s community, Noor also loves the walkability and accessibility of living in the central city.

‘You can walk pretty much anywhere, and things are just available to you 24/7,’ Noor said.

‘We’re also so lucky to have world-class gardens all around us – the city and its phenomenal green spaces are quite literally our own backyard. My partner and I are living the dream here in the city.’

Meet some of Noor’s neighbours

Michelle, originally from Taiwan, lives in the same building as Noor with her husband and son.

‘We are all so strongly connected and look out for each other. It’s the perfect upbringing for my son,’ Michelle said.

Marie-Line, originally from France, her husband and four children also live in the complex.

She said the setting is the perfect opportunity to meet a range of people from different backgrounds and cultures.

‘CBD living offers us endless possibilities of restaurants, shops, museums, sports venues and entertainment right at your doorstop,’ Marie-Line said.

A semi-circle of children

Kids hanging out with their neighbours

Stamp duty savings for city home buyers

Now’s your chance to call the city home.

Until 30 June 2022, a 50 per cent stamp duty concession is available for new residential properties valued at up to $1 million within the City of Melbourne.

A full 100 per cent stamp duty exemption is also available for new residential properties that have been on the market for more than 12 months.  

Plus, if you’re a first home buyer purchasing an off-the-plan property, until 30 June 2023, you qualify for a duty concession if the home is valued at up to $1 million. The discounts could amount to tens-of-thousands of dollars in savings.

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