Carlton shines in Small Business Awards

23 August 2022

Treat yourself to sleek Scandinavian homewares and sustainable knits brought to you by Carlton businesses honoured in the Lord Mayor’s Small Business Awards. 

MAKE Designed Objects and Knovus have been named finalists in the Small Business of the Year Award. 

Every beautiful product on the shelves at MAKE Designed Objects at 194 Elgin Street must earn its place amid the other thoughtfully designed homewares, clothing and accessories. 

To be selected by MAKE, owner Patrick Coppel said a product must first be considered ‘good’. 

‘A MAKE product must perform well when considered for its design appeal – both aesthetically and theoretically, its environmental soundness, its durability, its necessity and, in some cases, its humour,’ Patrick said. 

A man with a scarf in a retail shop

Patrick Coppel

While MAKE selects many products from Denmark and Finland, reflecting the region’s strong design culture, it also showcases a good range of items from exceptional Australian designers and makers. 

Since 2003, MAKE has infused good design into homes in Melbourne and beyond. Some items are so beautiful they’re even held in galleries and private collections worldwide. 

While MAKE’s two-storey terrace shop is a Carlton institution with close community connections, Patrick has also built a loyal following online. 

‘Our website currently includes around 4000 products from over 150 brands – the work of over 300 different designers. We’d like it to be the best design store site in the world.’ 

Over at 90 Grattan Street, Knovus is doing impressive work at the nexus of design, innovation and manufacturing. 

Investing in the latest zero-waste knit technology, Knovus has explored, researched and developed sustainable knitwear manufacturing processes since 1999. 

The crew also prototypes technology and helps other businesses get to market quickly and effectively. 

‘I enjoy coming up with innovative solutions for a wide range of knit products including medical device components, furniture and sports accessories, and of course fashion,’ said owner Patricia Chircop.  

‘The knitted products exemplify the current era of zero waste innovation, using the latest in digital knit technology and knitwear manufacturing processes.’ 

A woman at a knitting machine

Patricia Chircop

Knovus is also dedicated to sharing its decades of experience with others, offering tailored workshops to improve knit knowledge and efficiency. 

The Small Business of the Year Award recognises excellence in sustainability, innovation and customer care. This year’s overall winner, graphic design studio Grafico, also had its start in Carlton, before moving to North Melbourne. 

About the Lord Mayor’s Small Business Awards 

Melbourne is full of fantastic small business success stories.  

We celebrate the people behind inner-city businesses that have stood the test of time with our Lord Mayor’s Small Business Achievement Awards, previously known as the Lord Mayor’s Commendations. 

Among the recipients are legends who have been in business in the city for 10+, 20+ and 40+ years. We also name a Small Business of the Year.

You can learn more about all the amazing businesses we’ve honoured over the years at Small Business Awards

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