Five businesses doing their bit for the planet

22 February 2023

Dine and shop at businesses taking steps to consume resources more effectively, reduce emissions, cut waste and save money.

We’ve joined forces with Circular Economy Victoria and the Boroondara and Stonnington councils to mentor local businesses to make their businesses less wasteful and more profitable.

Champions from across industries have jumped on board to build networks with like-minded people and identify business opportunities that tap into the environmental social conscience.

As well as saving waste from landfill, circular-economy solutions help businesses reduce costs, gain customers, increase customer spend, identify new revenue streams and improve supply-chain resilience.

Here are just a few of the initiatives City of Melbourne businesses are developing to do their bit for the planet, and how you can support them:

1. Heartattack and Vine, Carlton

Indulge in tapas and rustic Italian fare at neighbourhood bar and cafe Heartattack and Vine. The team is collaborating with neighbouring venues to implement an exchangeable cup program, to decrease the use of single-use cups.

A person smiling standing in front of a restaurant bar.
Nathan from Heartattack and Vine is working on an exchangeable cup system 

2. Arts Centre Melbourne, Southbank

Grab a climate-friendly cuppa with a side of world-class entertainment at Arts Centre Melbourne. The team is working on a plan to recycle coffee grounds to use as compost on local gardens.

3. Readings, Carlton

Find a page-turner at Readings. This beloved bookstore will always have its finger on the pulse of the world’s best stories, but the team is working on ways to reduce the number of unsolicited paper proofs it receives.

4. San Telmo, CBD

Settle in for an Argentian feast at San Telmo. The team is implementing a Tersano-type system to create environmentally friendly cleaning products, eliminating the need for unnecessary chemicals.

5. RISING festival, CBD

Enjoy music, food, art and culture in the moonlight at RISING from 7 to 18 June. The team has been preparing a practical “12 Rs” framework to help festival staff, artists, audiences, suppliers and partners make green choices.

Three smiling people
Anna (centre) and the team at RISING festival are striving for festival-wide sustainability

In August, we’ll invite expressions of interest from more businesses seeking to implement circular economy solutions.

With the Victoria Government’s single-use plastic ban now in effect, it’s the perfect time to make a change. Learn more at Go Full Circle Pilot Program, or subscribe to our Business in Melbourne newsletter for updates.

To learn more about how to reduce waste and recycle right in your home – including food scraps, e-waste and chemicals – visit Powerful recycling resolutions.

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22 February 2023
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