Baby love: holistic care for local families

24 March 2022

Give your baby a wonderful start in life with free support from our compassionate maternal and child health nurses. 

The service offers local families 10 check-ups for children from newborn to school-age, new parents’ groups, lactation consultancy, counselling, and mental health support. 

We also coordinate home visits during cultural confinement, community engagement, outreach, and additional support for vulnerable families. 

Cloe Olive is a maternal and child health nurse based at Carlton Learning Precinct. She enjoys working amid a passionate team, in a job where every day is different. 

‘I love working closely with families to ensure they feel supported during the transition to parenthood. It’s amazing to see people evolve, as individuals and together,’ Cloe said. 

‘Every family has such potential, and we are privileged to listen and observe, to wonder through the eyes of a child, and create a space where parents are encouraged to do the same.’ 

A mother and baby

Megan with baby Lacey

Local people who became parents during the pandemic have reported various experiences, from deep isolation to precious extended time for bonding.  

Our nurses were there through it all, continuing to provide face-to-face support when needed.  

They also moved many services online and found new ways to provide flexible care, which will help us continue to enrich our services. 

Cloe became a mum herself last year, returning to work with an even deeper perspective of new parenthood, COVID-19 being just one aspect of this complex experience.  

‘Being a new parent is an emotional roller-coaster, with a great exploration of many themes alongside parenting, including the importance of infant and parent mental health,’ Cloe said. 

‘Resources on social media and online can be overwhelming and contradictory, so it’s important for us to provide evidence-based information to help families feel more confident. 

‘The journey into parenthood is also a great opportunity to break down an individual’s notion of perfection and inadequacy. After all, there are no perfect parents, and there are no perfect children, but there are plenty of perfect moments along the way.’ 

If you are a new parent, Cloe encourages you to reach out to our maternal and child health service, and to please keep your appointments. 

Her team wants to see you and your family and can provide as much or as little support as you need. 

For more information, visit Maternal and child health or call 9340 1444. 

To make or change a booking, you can also email 

Read stories from local people who became parents during the pandemic.

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