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Arts House journeys across borders, artforms and cultures 

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Dive into a treasure trove of theatre, dance, visual art and digital in-betweens at Arts House. 

This year’s Season 2 program will showcase artists from Chunky Move, Speak Percussion and Rawcus, the first results of our Warehouse Residencies, and the return of BLEED festival. 

Co-Artistic Director Emily Sexton said Arts House used the pandemic as a time to think deeply about what they do, and how its work can be relevant, and hopeful. 

‘Realising these works has required previously unimaginable levels of patience and determination, and those qualities stay with us, as we all continue to learn new interpretations of living through a pandemic,’ Emily said. 

‘Across this bumper season, we feel the deep traces of history, time, icons and culture. We feel connection, we feel joy and we feel care. We feel the potential and the limitations of our bodies. 

‘Frankly, we feel damn proud to present new Australian and international works that invite you to feel, move and think your way through these rather overwhelming times in concert with your community; with strangers, and with friends. It’s a remarkable feeling. Come join us.’ 

Here are just a few of the 18 unmissable art works in store at Arts House in the coming months. To view the full program, or watch the Season 2 announcement in Auslan, visit Arts House.

1. Here We Are Amongst You
From 29 June

Be uplifted as one of Melbourne’s most beloved companies presents a deeply affecting new work that explores the creation of human connections at a moment when we need them most.

Choreographed by the 14 people with diverse bodies, minds and imaginations who make up the acclaimed ensemble, Here We Are Amongst You is Kate Sulan’s final work with Rawcus after founding the company 22 years ago. 

‘It’s been a privilege and joy to collaborate with the Rawcus ensemble over so many years. This work really captures the delight we find in creating work together. 

‘This is a warm, joyous and intoxicating new work that speaks about significant encounters. It’s like a meditation on intimacy and togetherness after the untethering and isolating experiences throughout the pandemic. 

‘No two people will share the same experience, but everyone will be part of the warmth and connection that underscores this work.’ 

Kate Sulan
Rawcus Artistic Director  

2. And She Was Wearing Trousers: A call to our heroines
Naomi Velaphi and Roberta Joy Rich
From 30 June

Immerse yourself in a sprawling cross-continental collaboration that sees artists living in Australia and Africa drawing inspiration from the long legacy of women that have come before. Through visual art, performance, and more, And She Was Wearing Trousers: A call to our heroines is art as dialogue across time and space. 

3. Scream Star
Speak Percussion
From 18 August

Hear the worlds of the stage and screen intersect in Scream Star. For this work, Australia’s boldest proponents of percussive brilliance have commissioned three international composers. What comes next? You won’t believe your ears. 

4. More Than Words Can Say
Catherine Dunn and Sam Martin
From 26 August

Discover a deep exploration of the potential of Deaf theatre and the future of signed stories. More Than Words Can Say was created by some of the first artists to take part in our inaugural Warehouse Residency program. 

5. BLEED 2022
From 29 August

Explore the intersection of your real and online lives in the second edition of our biennial BLEED festival. We are overjoyed to expand the conversation this year to include two new Taiwanese partners, coming together to present nine new arts commissions that explore how borders expand, contract and deny us. 

6. I Am Not This Body – No Consent
Leisa Prow
From 12 October

Discover why Leisa Prowd is carving an international reputation for cutting-edge art-making in I Am Not This Body – No Consent. Leisa, whose cross-artform exploration of body autonomy and difference plays with notions of voyeurism and consent, is our second Warehouse Residency artist. 

7. Garabari
Joel Bray Dance and Chunky Move
From 1 December

Experience a contemporary dance corroboree that will move your body, mind and soul. The fastest rising star in Australian dance has teamed up with Melbourne’s ever-changing dance institution to present a new kind of ritual in Garabari.

How you pay is up to you
Arts House believes art is not a luxury good. To keep art accessible to all, this season we invite you choose the cost of your ticket. $20 or $35, it’s your call. Find out more about our new ticket initiative.

For more information, visit Arts House.

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