Eight top tips for a zero-waste Christmas party

Two people holding onto a large white bowl.

Celebrate with a clear conscience this festive season using our top tips for waste-free events.

Australians create about 30 per cent more waste during the holidays, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Here are eight simple things you can do to party in style, sustainably.

1. Feast mindfully, and love your leftovers
In the spirit of generosity, many people over-cater during the festive season. So plan ahead with family and friends to prevent food waste.

Shop at a market to access local, in-season produce not wrapped in plastic, and encourage your guests to bring re-usable containers so leftovers can be taken home to enjoy the next day.

2. Oh Christmas tree, sustainably
Skip the tree this year, make an upcycled alternative, or decorate one of your existing trees or plants.

If you want to display Christmas lights, look for LED or solar-powered options and be sure to turn them off overnight.

3. Skip disposables
Bring out your china, utensils and cloth napkins rather than opting for single-use options.

Pool resources from several houses for large gatherings, and think twice before buying decorations and crackers that will end up in the bin.

4. Green your clean-up
Find out what can go in your recycling bin, what you can compost, and what will go to landfill over at Waste and recycling, and gift yourself a discounted home composting system.

5. Use our event-planning tools
Whether you’re hosting a small get-together or a big community event, we have planning resources available. Check out our sustainable event guide, and our advice for planning safe and inclusive events.

6. Reduce your car trips
Carpool, ride your bike, walk or take public transport this holiday season and, if you’re heading the shops, check your list twice to reduce trips for forgotten items.

See Public Transport Victoria’s website for information about free public transport over the festive season.

7. Say bye to your bin
Aim to send nothing to landfill at the end of your celebrations. Take inspiration from zero-waste living expert Erin Rhoads, who can fit all the waste she creates in a year into a single jar.

8. Dress to impress
Wear what’s in your wardrobe to your festive party, borrow a special outfit from someone, or buy from a second-hand store. Then why not take the ‘no new gear for a year’ clothing challenge in 2020?

Want to do more? See 10 climate-conscious Christmas gift ideas and 5 powerful New Year’s resolutions.

Then find out how we’re taking action on climate change.

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