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14 fast facts: a year in the life of a capital-city Council

A person wearing a beekeeping suit holding a jar of honey.

From urban greening to rooftop bees, this year was another big one for the City of Melbourne.

Take a look at a small sample of our year in numbers through these 14 fast facts.

1. We welcomed 1104 new Australian citizens.

2. We planted 3270 new trees of 146 different species.

3. We awarded $800,000 in grants to create almost 4000 square metres of green space on private property.

4. We worked with Rooftop Honey to sponsor 160,000 bees in two hives on the Emporium rooftop, which produced 100 kilograms of honey.

5. We hosted 105,604 participants from across Victorian at 1349 programs, events, workshops or inductions in our libraries.

6. We hosted more than 2000 attendees from 47 countries at our English conversation clubs across four of our libraries.

7. We removed 48,591 square metres of graffiti over 9532 cleaning jobs.

8. We collected 550 tonnes of donations and 5000 pieces of furniture from 170 charity bins located in high-rise apartment buildings.

9. We collected more than 40 tonnes of e-waste.

10. We collected 580 lost, stray or abandoned dogs or cats, 245 of which were reunited with their original owner, and we rescued 68 wild animals.

11. We saw our pet registrations reach 6063, including 2316 cats and 3747 dogs.

12. We worked with more than 900 wonderful volunteers, who contributed more than 60,000 hours to our community services and events.

13. We subsidised 50 community groups and organisations to provide approximately 33,039 community meals for older people.

14. We welcomed approximately 4000 people to healthy ageing programs, and 123 people to carers’ support groups.

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