Ten fun ways to keep fit in Melbourne

People riding on bicycles holding hockey sticks

Work out like a wizard, captain a yacht and say namaste to your new baby in your neighbourhood.

Melbourne is bursting with unique ways to keep fit as we welcome people to the city with open arms. So, if you’re looking to venture out of your normal fitness regime, here are 10 quirky sports and activities you can try.

1. Step into a fantasy world with live action role play

Release your inhibitions and get active in a round of live action role play with Swordcraft. Inspired by the medieval and renaissance grimdark fantasy of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and Battle, LARP encourages you to embrace the setting and fight your heart out with authentic-looking foam weapons, steel armour and chain mail. Friday nights. Registration and tickets required.

A smiling swordcraft participant

Swordcraft is a fun way to keep fit
Photo: The Professional Hobbyist

2. Slackline at JJ Holland Park

Granted it may take a few tries to get it right, but slacklining is a fun way to get out and active. Kensington’s JJ Holland Park is now home to two slacklining poles for you to string up your own line and test your balance, in a cool outdoor setting. Free to attend. No bookings required.

3. Join a Quidditch team

Turn your dreams of becoming a professional seeker and winning the quidditch world cup into a reality. Inspired by the Harry Potter series, quidditch is a quirky, unique and fast-paced sport designed to get you moving in the most fun and imaginative way possible. No magic skills required. Free to join.

4. Breathe and stretch at a parents and bubs fitness class

Ease your way back into fitness with this parent-centered yoga class. Savour time with your little one as you’re guided through gentle yoga sequences designed specifically for postpartum bodies. The class supports and encourages you to meet other new parents in a fun and nurturing environment at the North Melbourne Recreation Centre. Casual sessions are $9.75, members join free. Registration required.

5. Play basketball at Carlton Gardens

Test your goal shooting skills or get competitive in a game against friends at the Carlton Gardens basketball court. Tucked away in a beautiful garden setting, this communal court is free to use for anyone in the area, making it a great hub to meet friends or family. Bring your own basketball and dribble away. No bookings required.

6. Try out a ballet inspired workout session

Try something new and join a Ballet Sculpt workout session – a class that combines the movements and flows of ballet with the power, control and self-awareness of Pilates and yoga. It’s a fantastic way to explore the intricate art that is ballet, in an approachable and welcoming setting at Carlton Baths. No dancing experience necessary. Casual sessions start at $15.10, members attend free. Bookings required.

7. Practice sailing with the Docklands Yacht Club

Cruise along Victoria Harbour and practice your sailing skills. The Docklands Yacht Club welcomes you along to participate in everything from an exhilarating race against others to chilled out social sail on a Sunday. The Docklands Yacht Club welcomes people of all ages and abilities to join in on the fun. Yachts cost $30 per day to use (two people per yacht).

8. Play a game of bike polo

If you’re looking to steer away from your usual bike ride, bring along your wheels and try out bike polo. This cool, hybrid sport brings the best aspects of horse polo, ice hockey and bike riding into one fun, exciting and social sport, typically played on a hard court. Games are $10 per player, new players and spectators attend free. Registration required. Our bike polo photo is courtesy of Wren Steiner.

9. Join a social badminton team

Is there a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than playing a friendly game of badminton? Carlton Baths welcomes anyone, regardless of their badminton ability, to come and join a team and play for the fun of it on Saturday afternoons. Shuttlecocks and rackets are available to borrow. Games are between $11 and $13. Bookings required.  

10. Send the kids into the treetops

See how we’ve transformed the City of Melbourne’s oldest playground with rope bridges, play towers, slides, swings and timber play structures. The park’s 150-year-old Moreton Bay fig trees have been incorporated into the treetop playground design, creating exciting new spaces to explore up high. At Lincoln Square in Carlton.

For more fun ways to keep fit visit Sports and recreation.

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